About Us

Quietly Nestled in the outskirts of downtown life in small town Scottsboro, Alabama sits a quaint, recently remodeled and restored house straight from the 1930s. Throughout the house you will find remnants of a past life as much improvement occurred through the use of recycled & salvaged materials. This unique house now serves as a studio to Mrs. Denise White, owner of The Cat's Pyjamas.


Denise's personal home is conveniently located next door to the studio, so dedicating herself to her creations is a convenient task throughout the day AND night. If you were to ask Denise's husband Kenyon to describe one particular feature of the small town studio, his response may include the fact that there is a "minor cat infestation." Several cats make themselves at home on the area surrounding The Cat's Pyjamas' studio,  and you'll often  find one "supervising" Denise's work. They oversee unique whimsical, folk art creations such as cloth dolls, painting, and jewelry.


 Denise occasionally holds open houses to share her creations, but you certainly may call the studio to set up an appointment! Please contact Denise using one of the following: email-denise@scottsboro.org

Phone- 256-609-5878, or through her website at www.thecatspyjamas.com.


Denise's work has been featured in several publications, including Create & Decorate, PRIMS magazine, Cloth Paper Scisssors, Doll Crafting & Costuming, Country Marketplace and has been featured on Creative Living with Sheryl Borden on PBS as well as local publications such as Jackson Magazine and The Sentinel.  All work is done by her,  from design & creation to sales & shipping.