Studio tour

Here's a peek inside my studio! We're so proud and we think Daisy would be too! We were lucky to get the opportunity to purchase the house from our neighbor. We'd become friends over the years and the house we live in belonged to her sister. When Daisy moved into the nursing home, she wanted us to have the first opportunity to buy it. I hope we've made her proud!

We used as many recycled items as possible. In the living room, we removed all the paneling and wall coverings through the years to expose the original wood bead board walls and ceiling. It had never been painted and I love the way it looks! it still has the original wooden windows through out. 

We screened in the front porch so the resident studio kitty, Bronson, can go out there through the pet door any time. We found kitchen cabinets and a sink that someone left out for the trash. That was my biggest score! I  have 2 huge desks that someone trashed, among many other things.

I am lucky I married someone that is very handy, loves to recycle stuff and has the same vision. We are mostly done except some work on the back porch that is enclosed. We've already added shelves all the way around for fabric. I just want to add a stacking washer and dryer and put up a door to keep the kitties from making beds out of my fabric. ;) 

Enjoy the photos...I may add more as I do more things around here. Click on the "Open House" link at the top if you want to visit in person. I usually have  open house in October and December, or we could schedule a time for you to come visit.