SOLD Huge Fairy Princess Painting Bright Neon colors Girly Folk Pop aRt piece

  • $300.00

This is a big one! I painted this purple haired princess on a wood. My husband made these with 1" sides, so they stick out from the wall and hang easily. It measures 34.5" tall x 19.5" wide! I painted the backgroudn all kind of different contrasting colors--bright pink, neon pink, purples, blues and I think there is a little white & green mixed in too. The background is abstract. Then on top of that is a sweet Princess in a patchwork gown. At the top of her gown is a patchwork of bright colors with a neon pink skirt, bright green belt & eyelet trim at the top. Her hair is light purple with a green bow on one pigtail and an orange bow on the other pigtail. She has the sweetest face with big blue eyes and pouty pink lips and of course purple brown to match her purple hair! To top it all off, she is wearing a brightly colored crown. Done in acrylics, watercolors and oil pastels. I know the watermark says 2012, but I just finished this last night. I guess I forgot it is 2013 already!! ;)

There is some space at the top where I could paint in your favorite saying or short poem!

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